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10 Oct 2017Ballands Memorial shoot results, pdf
10 Oct 2017Banbridge AC Autumn shoot results, pdf
10 Oct 2017Welsh Field Champs. results, pdf
10 Oct 2017Wrexham Braken High shoot results, pdf
24 Aug 2017Chris Farr Memorial field shoot results, pdf
24 Aug 2017FINAL AB&O results, pdf
16 Aug 2017Fort Purbrook field shoot results, pdf
10 Aug 2017DNAA field shoot results, pdf
10 Aug 2017THWAC field shoot results, pdf
20 Jul 2017Overton & English Champs. results, pdf
30 May 2017PROVISIONAL AB&O results, pdf
29 May 2017Ballyvally Archers Bluebell Shoot results, pdf
29 May 2017John Hartfield Memorial & Northants.Champs. results, pdf
29 May 2017Banbridge Archers Castle Shoot results, pdf
29 May 2017Ron Bell Memorial Shoot results, pdf
14 May 20173D Field Archery Team announcement, pdf
26 Apr 2017Argyll & Scottish Field Champs. results, pdf
26 Apr 2017Dearne Valley Easter Shoot results, pdf
26 Apr 2017Ballyvally Buttercup Field Shoot results, pdf
26 Apr 2017Ballyvally Shamrock Field Shoot results, pdf
26 Apr 2017Ballyvally Dafodill Field Shoot results, pdf
05 Apr 2017Kendal Bowmen Field Shoot results, pdf
31 Mar 2017Wrexham Bowmen Dewi Sant Shoot results, pdf
21 Mar 2017World Games Team Selection Criteria, click
15 Mar 2017 National Records updated
15 Mar 2017Cheshire Field Champs details, pdf
15 Mar 20172017 Shoot diary updated, pdf
08 Mar 2017Glyn Rudd Memorial Shoot results, pdf
08 Mar 2017Sussex Field Champs. details, pdf
21Feb 2017DNAA & NCAS shoot details, pdf
21 Feb 2017Banbridge AC Castle Shoot details, pdf
21 Feb 2017Ballyvally Snowdrop results, pdf
21 Feb 2017National Records updated.
30 Jan 20172017 WA 3D Field Archery team selection criteria, click
16 Jan 20172016 Field Archery National Ranking List, pdf
30 Dec 2016UPDATED 2017 EFAC team selection criteria, click
13 Dec 2016Updated PROVISIONAL 2016 Field ranking, pdf
25 Nov 2016PROVISIONAL 2016 Field Ranking
12 Nov 2016Surrey Field Champs. results, pdf
12 Nov 2016Yorkshire Field Champs. results, pdf
12 Nov 2016Ballyvally Coolnacran Classic I results, pdf
12 Nov 2016Classification claim form (MB/GMB), pdf
13 Oct 2016Cheshire Field Champs. results, pdf
05 Oct 2016Essex Field Champs. results, pdf
05 Oct 2016Ballyvally Autumn Shoot results, pdf
05 Oct 2016Ballyvally Midsummer Shoot results, pdf
22 Sep 2016Welsh Field Champs. results, pdf
18 Sep 2016Banbridge Archers Autumn Field Shoot results, pdf
16 Sep 2016Wrexham Bowmen Braken High results, pdf
25 Aug 2016Fort Purbrook Field Shoot including SCAS results, pdf
24 Aug 20162017 EFAC team selection criteria, click
15 Jul 2016Overton Field Shoot results, pdf
29 Jun 2016Team selection table updated, click
21 Jun 2016Northampton Field Shoot results, pdf
15 Jun 2016AB&O results, part 1 pdf & part 2 pdf
01 Jun 2016Ron Bell Memorial Shoot results, pdf
27 May 2016Ballyvally Bluebell Shoot results, pdf
27 May 2016Redkite Spring Shoot results, pdf
27 May 2016Banbridge Archers Castle Shoot results, pdf
12 May 2016Chris Farr Memorial Shoot results, pdf
06 May 2016S.A.A. & Argyll Field Champs. results, pdf
06 May 2016N.I.A.S. Field Champs. results, pdf
19 Apr 2016Mere Archers Field Shoot results, pdf
11 Apr 20162016 WA Europe 3D selection scores unchanged from 2015, click
10 Apr 2016Revised Kendal, English & NCAS Field Champs. results, pdf
30Mar 2016Dearne Valley Easter Shoot results, pdf
30 Mar 20162016 Classification scores, click
15 Mar 2016Glamorgan Field Champs. results, pdf
15 Mar 2016Ballyvally Shamrock Shoot results, pdf
28 Feb 2016Ballyvally Daffodil Shoot results, pdf
24 Jan 2016Updated classification scores will be published soon
24 Jan 2016Ballyvally Snowdrop Shoot results, pdf
5 Jan 20162015 National ranking list, pdf
07 Mar 20152014 National Ranking, Ladies AFB corrected, pdf
22 Jan 20142013 National Ranking list, pdf
31 Mar 20112010 National Ranking list, xls
25 May 2009Classification scores 2009, excel
05 April 20092009 Arrowhead achievement scores
04 March 2009Sample tournament scoring system, xls
3rd January 2008 Field Guidelines from FITA
5th March  Link to FITA field archery manual
3rd July Updated organiser's checksheets
  updated White peg recommendations