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Selection explained
List of qualifying tournaments
A June 9/10th Five Nations I Sept 29/30th Pentref Q April 27/28th Five Nations
B June 16/17th Woodstock J Oct 13/14th Cheshire R May 4/5th Kendal
C July 16/22nd European champ. K Mar 16/17th Woodstock S May 11/12th Raven
D Aug 18/19th World Games L Mar 30/31st Five Nations T May 18/19th N.I. Ballyvally
E Aug 25/26th Five Nations M Mar 31/1st Dearne Valley U May 25/26th All British
F Sept 1/2nd Dearne Valley N April 6/7th N.I Ballyvally V May 25/26th Five Nations
G Sept 8/9th Otterburn O April 13/14th Pentref      
H Sept 15/16th Crawley P April 27/28th N.I Lough Cuan      
  A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V Group
Barebow A= 537 x5= 2685   B= 513 x5= 2565   C= 484 x5= 2420  
Archer 1   577     595     591 580       597       590     610   603    A
Archer 2   579       560   587   607     591      594      603    607   A
Archer 3   511     540 482   536 505 499 539                532   510   B
Archer 4   424       485   456     460         490     530     500   C
The top five scores of each archer are added together to determine the grade A, B or C they have achieved.

Using the above example four archers have made A,B or C grades.

Selection is made as under.

Of the four archers, 1 and 2 have made an A grade, 3 a B grade and 4 a C grade.

If there were sufficient GNAS funds, archers 1,2 and 3 would be selected.

If only sufficient GNAS funds for two archers, 1 would be fully funded by GNAS and 2 full or partially funded by GNAS (depending of available funds) then 3 offered a self funded place.

In some circumstances 4 would be offered a self funded place if archer 3 was unable to take the third spot.

If there is only one GNAS funded place available, archer 1 is chosen because when competing against the other A graded archer 2, has been placed higher the greater number of times 3 to 2.

Then archers 2 and 3 offered self funded places.

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